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We make it a priority to pass on road safety information for safety of our fellow brothers and sisters.
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Road Safety Messages:

As Chairman of the National Road Safety Council; I am determined to make our roads even safer for our people, particularly our children and other vulnerable road users. As such, the Government is relentlessly pursuing efforts to improve traffic management and road safety in partnership with road safety stakeholders and corporate Jamaica.
The Most Hon. Andrew Michael Holness - Prime Minister
As Minister responsible for Road Safety, I appeal to everyone to do his/her part in making our road safety culture, one that can be the envy of the world.
Minister of Transport and Mining - Lester 'Mike' Henry
I implore everyone; make road safety a part of your daily lives, reduce cell phone use on the road, wear safety gears while riding a motor cycle, use your seat belt, be alert and practice defensive driving. Walk, ride, drive with care. Be your brother’s keeper; think not only of yourself but of others the life you save might just be your own.
Mikael Phillips - Opposition Spokesman on Transport and Mining
We are urging motorists and their passengers to wear seat belts and helmets, in order to minimize the degree of injuries from collisions.
Director of Road Safety Unit - Kenute Hare.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 | 2:33 PM

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Road Safety (RSU) in the Transport Ministry is renewing its call for motorists to drive safely on the nation’s roads in light of 10 people losing their lives in crashes over the Easter weekend.

RSU statistics give the breakdown as two deaths on Holy Thursday, three on Good Friday, four on Easter Sunday and one on Easter Monday.

In total, as of Tuesday, April 18, 101 people have died from injuries sustained in fatal crashes since the start of the year.

RSU Director, Kenute Hare, says speeding was a factor in all the crashes.

According to Hare, since the start April 18 people have been killed. He argued that many of the deaths could have been prevented had the victims been wearing seatbelts.

He said that the internal organs of the body will collide with each at the same speed at which the vehicle is travelling if there is a crash.

 “Good people make bad choices on the road every day, and not wearing a seat belt can prove tragic,” Hare said.

 A properly worn seat belt increases the odds of surviving a crash by up to 50 per cent and  seat belts must be worn every trip and every time regardless of the length of the journey,” he added

Road traffic deaths during the Easter Holiday weekend were the lowest in 2012, when the country recorded three deaths. Eight people died over the Easter weekend last year (2016).


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